About Wyre Talent

Our Core Values : Supportive / Empowerment / Evolvement / Dynamic

We are a growth and development networking forum where members share insights and experiences in a relaxed informal environment. We aim to give guidance and support through the various challenges of the business cycle which will enable others to evolve, in turn, this will unlock members true potential and the desire to achieve more in life and business.

Our Mission

As a group of aspiring business leaders and young entrepreneurs we strive to encourage further business opportunities and investment in people across the district. Being a part of local initiatives and projects allows us to empower the next generation to carry on in business in the Wyre Forest and retain their skills and talent in our prospering area.

Long Term Vision

Our members have a dynamic approach and are striving to become future influencers and decision makers on key matters effecting the Wyre Forest. We want to encourage positive change which will aid economic sustainability and result in further prosperity for future generations.